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Tale of the little spring warming up the winter

Go down  Thông điệp [Trang 1 trong tổng số 1 trang]



Once upon a winter, in the eversnow country - Anatoria, there's a little princess was borned in.
The princess's name is Lila - a flower name - a small flower blossoms in springs.
Just because her birth is one of reasons that causes her mother's death.
Even though it just an unexpect accident, but it's shocked seriously to the father.
So her father - the king of Anatoria, in the madness, Expelled her to a faraway castle.

Year by year past through, the little girl grown up, and final she could have returned that frozen castle.
But the princess is forced to hide herself because she is told that her father stills unforgive her.
In a unfortunate catch of the other princess - the daughter of the queen who is her wick stepmother.
She is forced to go back the old castle inder to not let the gossip get to the king's ears.
Do not want to go back there, do not want to alone in the foreign place, so she's sneaking.

In her mother's bed room, at the cold midnight, where the king is staying with the frozen mind.
Suddenly found out the shade behing the window that he thought it is his faraway only love.
Truthfully he just meets a little girl - a little poor angel fallen down for cold and staration.
The moment that the little girl appears make the tyrant king reminded him of her dear mother.

Her angel face, her shining hair, her sad eyes ... resamble the mother have warm up the lost heart.
It makes her father got back a father's heart and regret so much for his fault in past day.
From now on, she legalfully live in her rightful place in the protection of the peolpe she love.
At last, the lillte Lila possible smelts the frozen ang brings spring back to the place her live ever after.

20 20



Thành viên mới
Thành viên mới
po' tay. ko hiểu gì hết. Sad


mình cũng đau đầu thiệt.



S - Moderator
S - Moderator
pó tay.


Chi zậy. Cool

Hãy làm những gì nếu ta muốn.


Thành viên mới
Thành viên mới
hok hiểu ji` hết.

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